Case Studies

Mergers & Acquisition Services

Case Study I

Acquisition Target Identification

A global multinational coatings company was interested in expanding into various industrial coatings segments in Europe.  To initiate this project, Orr & Boss put together a long list of potential targets that met the client’s target criteria.  We then jointly with the client narrowed down the list to 20 targets. Orr & Boss contacted the management and ownership of the 20 companies.  Most were not interested in selling but a few were.  We provided introductions to those that were interested.  

Results: After about 1 year, our client was able to finalize an acquisition with one of the companies that we provided introductions.

Case Study II

Operational and Market Research Due Diligence

A large adhesives & sealants company had initiated acquisition talks with a targeted company.  Orr & Boss was asked to assist in the due diligence effort.  The basic task was to evaluate the company and identify synergies; both from an operational cost savings perspective and a growth perspective.  Orr & Boss used it team of consultants to review purchasing, plant and operations as well as the network of supply chain warehouses to identify potential cost savings.  Also, we researched the markets and identified several areas where the two companies products were complementary.

Results:  Orr & Boss identified over $1 million in costs savings opportunities, as well as opportunities to increase sales by 50%.  Our client went forward with the acquisition and we assisted in implementing the cost savings opportunities as well as worked with the sales team to increase sales.

Client Involvement

Two Perspectives, Working Towards One Goal

The Orr & Boss approach is to solve problems jointly with our clients, not simply for them. This collaborative effort leverages a client’s understanding of its own business with our objective view and expertise in problem solving.

Case Study III

Integration Support

A coatings company had just completed an acquisition but they were not quite achieving the operation efficiencies that they had planned for during the acquisition.  Orr & Boss was asked to evaluate the acquisition cost savings plans, put together plan to realize those saving, and assist in the implementation of the plan.  Orr & Boss reviewed all cost savings plans including as-is savings without any changes to the plant as well as savings that could be realized through a plant consolidation.

Results:  Orr & Boss was identify several million dollars of potential savings; mainly through plant consolidation and product line rationalization efforts.   Orr & Boss led the effort to realize these savings and we actually exceeded our targeted savings.

Case Study IV

Sale Support

A regional coatings company was interested in selling its business.  Orr & Boss was hired to represent the firm in the sale process.  Orr & Boss put together a Confidential Summary of the Business and worked with the company to identify several companies that we thought would be interested in the business.  We contacted these potential buyers and setup meetings to discuss the business with them.  In the end, there were two buyers with a strong interest in buying the firm.  We setup site visits and assisted our client in answering all due diligence questions that the prospective buyer had.

Results:  Our client was able to successfully sell its business.