We provide change management services that are highly effective in realigning business operations for optimum performance and if necessary, achieving complete paradigm shifts in corporate strategies

Our Services

The Strategies Behind the Successes

Today’s fast-paced, highly volatile business environment favors companies that are able to redefine traditional business assumptions, realign corporate strategies, and respond quickly to market dynamics by putting those strategies into effect.

Our clients depend on our integrated approach to solving problems and capitalizing on opportunities. Though our proven analytical methods, we help management transform drawing board strategies into real world results – achieving quantum gains in market share, profitability and economic value.

Our services are divided into three broad categories

We provide a broad set of management consulting services to the Coatings, Adhesives, and Sealants (CAS) industries.   To help our clients succeed, we help expand their sales through market research consulting services, reduce costs and improve efficiencies through our Operations Improvement consulting services, and grow their overall business through our M&A consulting services.   Our focus on the CAS industries, global footprint, and analysis tools allow us to quickly reach solutions that allow you to grow your business.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Breakthrough performance and increased shareholder value

Market Research

Improved competitiveness and top line growth

Operations Improvement

Productivity improvements and cost reductions

Client Involvement

Two Perspectives, Working Towards One Goal

The Orr & Boss approach is to solve problems jointly with our clients, not simply for them. This collaborative effort leverages a client’s understanding of its own business with our objective view and expertise in problem solving.


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September 2019

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June 2020

We deliver solutions to business challenges and develop strategies to seize upon market opportunities.